What You Should Know About Prison Security

In the world of security guard jobs, working in prison security is one of the most challenging types of jobs. It is not easy by any means so you should first consider what the job entails before you start putting in your applications.

Understanding What it Means to Work in Prison Security

One of the most important parts of the job of a prison security guard is that you are not only physically in shape but mentally in shape, too. The mental stresses of the job can be high and the people that you have to deal with are often good at breaking a person down mentally.

As a prison security guard your job is to make sure that order is maintained within the facility. Of course, your training will be an essential part of becoming prepared for the job. Before you start embarking on the path to become a security guard in a correctional facility, make sure that you have learned as much about the position as possible.

Some of the responsibilities of a correction facility security guard include making sure rules are followed by the inmates. You may have to check for illegal items, break up fights, transport inmates from one part of the facility to another, or take inmates to medical facilities or courts that are outside of the grounds. If there is a major crisis you will need to act quickly and carefully to ensure that as little damage as possible occurs to both the property and the inmates.

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There will be requirements in the application process that you must meet. Of course, you must be over the age of 18 and you must be a U.S. citizen. There may be an age maximum, depending on the state in which you are applying for the job. You might need to have a driver’s license, too. Every state and every job will have some variety in their requirements so contact the correctional facility that you wish to work for and ask for specific details.

Be prepared to answer many questions, go through several interviews, and have several background checks run on you. You cannot have a criminal record if you want to work as a security guard of a corrections facility. You will likely need to pass personality tests, as well. Becoming a security guard at a prison will take some time and effort but it can be a rewarding job for the right individual. Do your research and be prepared and you could be employed as a prison security guard.

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