Top 5 Pieces Security Guard Gear for Winter

Winter can be brutal if your security guard work takes you outside for patrols, or worse still if your entire security post is outside. The snow is one thing, the cold can work into your bones, but the wind is what really can start to hurt. You need to be prepared for the cold, so make sure to stock up on the right security guard gear:

Heated Vest: a security guard who works outside in the winter, especially areas that get cold, needs a heated vest. This vest will keep you warm, while fitting under your coat, so you will be extra warm, yet still looking sharp by security uniform standards.

Insulated boots: We all know the basics of security guard gear is good boots, because if your feet hurt, you can’t patrol, in the winter though, you need more than just good gripping boots to walk on ice and snow, but a solid insulated boot will allow you to conduct your security patrols with warm, dry feet.

Watch Cap: Equally as important as warm feet is a warm head, so another winter staple of security guard gear is a good woolly watch cap. If you walk around all day without a warm cap, you will regret it as you get chilled to the bone and it will make your work day drag.

Winter Gloves: You need to have warm hands, because frostbite from the cold and wind can be dangerous. Keep your hands warm and dry all with a quality pair of convertible winter gloves, that still allow you to write incident reports without removing all the glove and exposing your hands to the cold.

Thermals: As a security guard working outside, a quality pair of under clothing thermals can keep you warm all day and help you endure the winter chill. A quality pair of thermals as part of your security guard gear will have you enjoying it outside, instead of feeling miserable.

Hopefully you find this list of security guard gear helpful to deal with outside winter work.

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