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Security Guard jobs and the Background Check

When you apply for a security guard job in any state you can expect to have at least some form of background check done on you, as part of the hiring process, before you are approved for the position. The type of background check that will be run will depend on the type of security […more]

Mall Security Guard- What You Need to Know

There are many different types of security guard jobs and it is a good idea to explore your options before you start sending out resumes. Some people may be well suited for several different kinds of security guard jobs, while other may find that one type of job is much better suited to them. One […more]

Hiring Process of a Security Guard

Ever applied for a security guard position, or preparing to apply for your first security guard jobs, and have found yourself wondering about the hiring process of a security guard? Well, here is a breakdown of why it is what it is, plus what to expect. A single mistake by an incompetent security guard could […more]

What You Should Know About Prison Security

In the world of security guard jobs, working in prison security is one of the most challenging types of jobs. It is not easy by any means so you should first consider what the job entails before you start putting in your applications. Understanding What it Means to Work in Prison Security One of the […more]

10 Duties, Responsibilities and Roles of a Security Guard

When you are considering becoming a security guard, it is important to know the duties, responsibilities and roles of a security guard, so you know what to expect. I am laying out what I view as 10 of the basic duties, responsibilities and roles of a security guard:   ┬áTo be clearly visible One of […more]

Types of Security Guards

Wherever there is property or people to protect, security officer jobs usually can be found. Security officers, also called security guards, work in public buildings, for private corporations, in stores and in banks. They also can protect individuals and homes, drive and ride in armored cars and work at airports and other transportation terminals. Security […more]