Security Guard Training: Investigative Interview Tips

security guard training in investigative interviewsA quality investigative interview is a very important duty of a security guard. This security guard training will help you start your career in private security.
The investigative interview is defined as a controlled conversation or an informal questioning designed to obtain facts from a knowledgeable person.
Using the tips from this interview guide, when conducting your investigative interview will help you elicit facts and maintain control of the conversation.
As a private security guard, it may be your job responsibility to conduct an investigative interview as part of an accident investigation or as a result of a security breach. Making sure your skills are top notch is very important, because when that occurs, you will be under an extreme amounts of stress ad must maintain your skills beforehand in order to remember them at the needed time.

A quality investigative interview is nothing like the interrogations you see police on TV doing, they are more conversational, as the subject is not under arrest and free to leave if they want. As a private security guard, you will not be sitting with a subject in a room under a hot light, instead you will be sitting in a comfortable room, questioning the subject conversationally.

Learn about the PEACE Investigative Interview method

I have put together this PowerPoint on Investigative Interviews to help you get the security guard training you need to become a security officer and advance in your career field.

Security Guard Training: Investigative Interviews from Kevin Schmidt

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