Louisiana Unarmed Security Guard

According to the Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners, an unarmed guard must be licensed through a contract security company that is hiring you. That license is only good for the company that hires you and cannot be carried to another company; however, your training will transfer to another company but you will have to go through the licensing process again if changing companies.

Minimum Requirements

  • Must be at least 18 year old
  • Driver’s License
  • Social Security Card
  • Must be finger printed
  • Passport Photo
  • Complete (2) 8-hour trainings: The first 8-hour course is about the contract security company. Classroom training can be administered by the hiring company or through Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners.

Other Requirements that May Be Helpful:

  • Good physical conditioning
  • Be able to stand long periods of time
  • Good Communication skills

Basic Training Curriculum

A basic training conducted may include but is not limited to the following:

  1. Role of Private Security
  2. Legal Aspects
  3. Patrol and Observation
  4. Incident Response
  5. Security Resources: Surveillance operation and documentation
  6. Customer Service Issues: Working with and addressing the public
  7. First Aid Overview


  • Application fee $40
  • Fingerprinting $55.25 (This includes state and FBI check)

For more information, please visit the Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners or call (888) 446- 9436

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