Security guard career info

Job Interview Ultimate Guide

A job interview is obviously something that must occur when seeking a job as a security guard, and many people get very stressed out over a job interview. This job guide will help you relax and be prepared for the interview. Major Considerations During a Job Interview Make a Connection With the Interviewer Depending on […more]

Aggressively Written Resumes


When writing resumes, it is important to remember whom it is you’re trying to please – (is it you, or the hiring authority?) In this article I will present my ideas of what makes up really aggressive documents, based on my many years in the field. Who Is Reading Your Resumes? Make no mistake about […more]

Linkedin profile tips and Job search

  With the advancing world, how we live and work is constantly changing. Many industries that used to be labor-run are now automated, so working in a leadership position in any industry now is not how it used to be. There are many jobs that have become common due to the popularity of the internet, […more]

Emergency Management, a different career path

There is a whole field of career opportunities out there that most people don’t even realize exists. But it won’t be a secret for much longer. If you can keep a calm head in an emergency, are organized and detail-oriented, and can manage relationships, then a career in emergency management and security might be perfect […more]

Fraud Investigation, Knowledge and Skills Needed

fraud investigation

If you are someone who has an organized mind and a willingness to investigate incidents thoroughly, a career in fraud investigation might be for you. Fraud investigation is a field that involves both civil and criminal investigations. You may be employed by a company to investigate fraud claims against it, or you might work independently […more]

Security Guard Job Interview Tips

For the right minded individual, the security field is a fantastic job idea. However before you get started you will want to explore which firms that you would like to work for. Combined with your job application you could have to give them any pertinent licenses or records to let them recognize that you have […more]

3 types of Security Guard Jobs for extra money

security guard

A job as a security guard can be helpful to make some extra money working nights or weekends, I want to highlight 3 security guard jobs one can work that are ideal for night/weekend work to make some extra money either as a 2nd job, to supplement retiree income or to work as a student. […more]

7 steps to getting promoted and landing that prized Security Guard Job

So you have been working as a security guard for a year or more and now want to move up and feel you have gotten all the training necessary for a promotion, but it isn’t just as simple as one day going from a guard that just shows up to work and completes the basic […more]

7 Tips for writing an effective Incident report

A security guard position is a job that requires many more skills than just watching over a monitor or standing in front of a door, looking intimidating. As a security guard, you will use your various skills to prevent situations from occurring and diffuse them if they should get out of hand. If a situation […more]

Federal Bureau of Investigation Jobs

federal bureau of investigation jobs

Federal Bureau of Investigation jobs are highly sought after as they offer a rewarding career, and endless possibilities for advancement, but without proper planning and forethought you will never attain this goal. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is a competitive job to get, with applicants having specialized degrees, unique skills, and years of military or […more]