3 Things Every Security Guard Should Carry

There are certain things every security guard should carry with them while on duty, they will save you more times then you care to count.

notepad- things every security guard should carryA Notebook: when a security incident or accident occurs, you need to quickly start writing notes, making notations, if just quick notes to help you remember more later. If your security guard post takes you outside, even if only rarely, I recommend getting a notebook that writes in the rain. While every smart phone has an app for note taking, what about a quick witness statement or a note to hand to someone else, your cell phone will then become a hindrance.


pen-pencil- things every security guard should carryA Pen and Pencil: A pen is great when you need to make a quick note, but what about in the rain, suddenly your pen isn’t so good, instead it is a smudgy mess. Which is why I recommend carrying a pen AND pencil, because then you can write notes in whatever the climate outside.


watch- things every security guard should carryA Watch: Yes, you can use your cell phone to quickly tell the time, but what if the battery is dead, what if you left it charging on your desk, or worse, it was broken during whatever the incident is. Suddenly you can’t note the time of an incident, sure you could guess, or approximate it later when writing the report, but if your reports are going to hold up under scrutiny in court or by an insurance investigator, you need to make sure you can note times while writing notes of an incident.



These 3 pieces of equipment will become your best friends as you advance in your career as a security guard. Even though I am far removed from patrol work at this point, I still carry these three things with me, because I believe in always being prepared.

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