Solid Career Objectives for a Security Guard

security guard careerSecurity guards protect what’s near and dear to us; our homes, offices, schools and other properties are all secured by guards. Security is of paramount concern nowadays when crime records have almost tripled since the last decade. Most people prefer to hire agents coming from reputed security guard companies. But you may wonder what the difference is. Well, good security companies not only train their security agents but also set certain work performance objectives for every security guard to achieve. What are these work performance objectives? Read below and know how these career objectives for a security guard can benefit you.

Customer Service is Key

A guard’s main objective is obviously protecting employees and customers but this is not where the job ends. Providing customers with good customer service is also equally important. Implementing fail-safe security plans to protect their customers is necessary. Customer service is all about making the employers happy. Protection agents must aim to please their customers by listening to their concerns, reducing complaints and asking for feedback. All of these practices can contribute to a better security plan that can keep the customers and employees safe by averting the risk of unprecedented mishaps.

Providing Fail-Safe Security

For every officer who takes his job seriously, providing fail-safe protection to customers is the prime objective. In order to observe the highest standards, Protection officers and agents must check previous records to know if there have been any crimes or thefts in the area and then a customized plan should be implemented in order to avoid such incidents in the future. Reductions in theft and crimes in the area are proof that the plan is working out just fine and that the guard is performing his duties well. Small initiatives like checking suspicious bags and parcels can also go a long way in averting potentially dangerous risks.

Keeping Up With the Latest Developments

Security guards have a special insight regarding security issues and plans but a good security guard manages to stay updated on all the latest developments in new security strategies, modern security methods, etc. Many security guard companies reward their agents by awarding them certificates and monetary rewards for achieving this objective. Employers also give room to the agents for personal development during the evaluation period.

Organizing Security Systems and Plans

Just implementing security plans is not enough. Organizing security plans is what protects employees and customers. A guard who micromanages security plans is a good guard. Doing small things like being punctual, archiving security films, patrolling the area randomly and on schedule keep the security plan running smoothly. Good security officers take all kinds of special preventive measures in order to protect their customers.

Taking Extra Measures

In today’s times one can never be too confident about security and good officers understand this concern better than anyone else. Taking help from cyber security systems is another way how guards can achieve their goal of providing fail-safe security.

All these work performance objectives make a security guard stand tall from the rest of the crowd.

4 BONUS Tips for a Security Guard to perform at their BEST

Congratulations on being hired as a security guard! A security guard job can be both fun and frustrating; it largely depends upon the professionalism of the guard himself. The highlight of a security job is to prevent any mishap from happening. Hence concentration, vision and sharp mental reading of the surroundings is essential for a security officer. No matter where you are posted to provide security services, here are 4 tips for a security guard to perform effectively.

  1. Know your duties: Security guard job is not just about having a gun hanging around your belt! Most of the time, the responsibilities of a security officer include, among others, making reports of faulty security equipment, making regular checks to ensure all exit and entry points of a secure location are well closed. In short, before starting the job, ask for a detailed list of daily tasks that you will be expected to fulfil for the employer firm.
  2. Be vigilant: In most cases you are without a lethal weapon, because your foremost duty is to act and avert a dangerous situation. Hence acting promptly before things go out of hand can save both lives and valuables.
  3. Be a sensible hero: In case of a felonious act in progress, the best choice for a security guard is to alarm the peace keeping force of the state at once. Do not intervene unless you have the proper jurisdiction to take laws into your own hands.
  4. The helping hand: Many security guards complain of feeling lonely and cut off from the world. The best approach to avoid this is to be involved with your surroundings, such as telling correct route to lost people, helping children and elderly to cross roads, providing first-aid to injured ones are few of many ways to feel better and contribute to the society. But remember, you must not do such deeds at the cost of neglecting your responsibilities as that may be more hazardous to everyone.

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