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10 reasons Military Veterans excel in the Security Field

    Talent for Technology –Physical security has entered the 21st century with increasingly high-tech assignments. Look at the physical security world today and you’ll see security personnel experienced with video analytics, access control and biometric technologies. Military transitioning to civilian jobs have in-demand, high-tech experience with sophisticated systems and software. Train for Success – […more]

Security Guards as human behavior experts

Generally, security officers are the first people that visitors or employees come in contact with at an organization. They serve to protect the organization and help those who are in need of assistance. Since the security officers are often the first contacts, they also serve to provide the first impressions of their security department and […more]

Effective Communication Skills: nonverbal

Another aspect of effective communication is a basic understanding of body language. Studies have shown that more than 50 percent of a spoken message’s meaning can be determined by nonverbal gestures. It is claimed that only 15 percent of what is said is verbal and at least 85 percent of interpersonal communications are nonverbal. For […more]

Security Officer Supervisor: Job Duties

The primary role of security officers is to provide protect the property, buildings and grounds and the people do business there. To execute their duties properly, security guards work in a team. A security officer supervisor coordinates all of the team’s activities, such as scheduling shifts and training. He ensures that all the daily security […more]

Effective Communication Skills: listening

An important aspect of enhancing one’s communication skills is becoming a good listener. People tend to place the emphasis on speaking as the most important aspect of communication, but this is not necessarily so. Breaking down the percentage of time spent throughout the day for an average person engaged in one of the four aspects […more]

4 Tips for keeping your Security Guard Job

At one point or another, you may feel threatened by the thought of losing your security guard job. Although the job can feel monotonous at times, it is vital that you push through those feelings, so that you can ultimately keep your job. If you are on the edge of losing your job and needs […more]