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Security Guards as Customer Service Professionals

The basic role of a security guard is to help protect. However, most security guard jobs entail a lot more than just looking into space to make sure everyone stays safe. In many ways a security guard job and customer service go hand in hand. Taking a closer look at customer service will help you […more]

3 Things Every Security Guard Should Carry

There are certain things every security guard should carry with them while on duty, they will save you more times then you care to count. A Notebook: when a security incident or accident occurs, you need to quickly start writing notes, making notations, if just quick notes to help you remember more later. If your […more]

Loss Prevention Tip: Identifying Internal Theft

A loss prevention professional needs to know how to stop shoplifters, but a major contributor to shrink at a retail establishment is employee theft, and as such, a true loss prevention professional should know the basics of identifying internal theft. Here are some tips to help you identify internal theft. Identifying Internal Theft: Refund Fraud […more]

Qualities a Security Officer Should Possess

A security officer is responsible for protecting you, your property and your clients from danger and loss. When looking to hire a security officer to work for their company, employers have a list of the qualities they seek. In most states, security officers must be at least 18 years old and possess a high school […more]

Top 5 Pieces Security Guard Gear for Winter

Winter can be brutal if your security guard work takes you outside for patrols, or worse still if your entire security post is outside. The snow is one thing, the cold can work into your bones, but the wind is what really can start to hurt. You need to be prepared for the cold, so […more]

What to know when starting your security career

Private security jobs are often the most sought after sectors in the security business. They can also be the more dangerous of all due to the high profile of some clients. Private security jobs cover a wide variety of things ranging from valuable objects to high profile people. Shifts can vary tremendously as well, pending […more]

Remember 9/11

Please observe a moment of silence for those we have lost

Skills Employers seek in Security Guards

Security guards play a very important role in any company that employs them. They make sure that people, places, and things are safe. If there is an incident, they are there to relay the details to responding officers and without those details, it would be much more difficult for police officers to do their job. […more]

Changing Role of Security Guard Supervision

Throughout the foreseeable future, security guard supervision will have to deal with many changing trends. To continue to be effective, supervisors must be flexible and capable of maintaining their perspective in the face of these rapidly changing conditions. Security guard supervision has traditionally been a juggling act of keeping pace with the tasks of planning, […more]

Security Guard Training: Investigative Interview Tips

A quality investigative interview is a very important duty of a security guard. This security guard training will help you start your career in private security. The investigative interview is defined as a controlled conversation or an informal questioning designed to obtain facts from a knowledgeable person. Using the tips from this interview guide, when […more]