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Tips to be a Professional Security Guard

Security guards have had to fight against the stereotypes that have been presented in movies.  In the movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Kevin James plays a security guard that really wanted to be a police officer and his awkward ways did nothing to change the stereotypes.   So, what can a professional security guard do to […more]

Mall Security Guard- What You Need to Know

There are many different types of security guard jobs and it is a good idea to explore your options before you start sending out resumes. Some people may be well suited for several different kinds of security guard jobs, while other may find that one type of job is much better suited to them. One […more]

Mitigating Workplace Violence

Key to mitigating workplace violence, are recognizing verbal and non-verbal signs of violence, in addition to paying attention to your “gut instinct.” I suggest that intuition can be an element that can help contribute to zero incidents. It’s of sentinel importance for security staff to hone, honor and listen to their intuition. There are five […more]

Security Report Writing Tips

  A security guard often must write a report to document an incident, or simply as a daily log. It is important to write clear a security report, so here are some tips for security guards to follow when writing their reports. USE NORMAL LANGUAGE Some people think they should use fancy jargon in security […more]

Hiring Process of a Security Guard

Ever applied for a security guard position, or preparing to apply for your first security guard jobs, and have found yourself wondering about the hiring process of a security guard? Well, here is a breakdown of why it is what it is, plus what to expect. A single mistake by an incompetent security guard could […more]

What You Should Know About Prison Security

In the world of security guard jobs, working in prison security is one of the most challenging types of jobs. It is not easy by any means so you should first consider what the job entails before you start putting in your applications. Understanding What it Means to Work in Prison Security One of the […more]

10 Duties, Responsibilities and Roles of a Security Guard

When you are considering becoming a security guard, it is important to know the duties, responsibilities and roles of a security guard, so you know what to expect. I am laying out what I view as 10 of the basic duties, responsibilities and roles of a security guard:    To be clearly visible One of […more]