10 Affordable Online Security Degree Programs

security degree programs

The following schools have been rated on the basis that they have not only been certified by the Central Security Service, but also holds certification with the National Center For Academic Excellence, by the National Security Agency. They meet challenging security criteria in all of the following security degree programs. We hope you find this helpful.

  1. University of Maryland University College (This institution received recognition as the Best Cyber Education Program in 2013 by becoming a finalist in the competition.)
    From the beginning, the University of Maryland foresaw the potential in the use of technology as an invaluable tool in educational parameters. They are able to boast being on of the pioneers of online education in the nation.

Part of your security degree will entail working in Maryland, directly with Department of the Defense’s Cyber Command program, as well as Virginia’s Cyber Corridor.

Bachelor and Master’s degrees are offered by this educator in this area of study.

Prices for this program are approximately $250 per credit, with financial aid available.

More information is available at their website: http://www.umuc.edu/.

  1. Champlain College (winner of best Cyber Education Program, 2013, recognized by SC magazine.)
    Students may choose to do course work as it applies in Digital Investigation or Computer forensics. The school offers 35 different courses as they apply to the earning of this degree, and encourage students to take advantage of internship programs. The school is also recognized as having 90% of its’ graduates employed in their field of study, and typically they are employed within the first month of graduating.

Also offered are degrees in Digital Forensic Science and a Master of Science Degree in Digital Forensic Management. Tuition can vary depending on courses taken, however the average tuition cost of a student studying for less than 12 credits, the cost is $590 per credit hour, while the yearly cost for a full time student is between $7500 and $8000 per year.

Their website is http://www.champlain.edu/.

  1. University of Southern California (Awards in 2013 for Best Graduate and Top Engineering Schools, as well as receive recognition for Best Online Engineering Programs)
    When seeking security jobs, or even lifelong security careers, this in not something you can easily get into with out a degree, and the University of Southern California offers an excellent education to those with either type of commitment in mind. Both positions are extremely needed and require a high end of education, as well as opportunities for trust to be earned, resulting in recognition for integrity.

Degree programs in this area run from $45,000 for 27-34 units, or, 9-11 courses. On-campus students must pay $750-900 in additional costs. USC does offer an online program featuring courses that you are able to take from home in order to earn your security degree.

More information is available at http://www.usc.edu/.

  1. Iowa State University (Finalist, 2013 Best Cyber Education Program)
    The National Center Of Educational Excellence recognized ISU as one of the best educators in the nation, with some of the best and most challenging Cyber Education training programs available anywhere.

For more detailed information on tuition and any assistance offered for this program by the Iowa State University, please go to their website at http://www.iac.iastate.edu/, which lists all information you may need to learn and meet tuition and scoring requirements.

  1. Carnegie Mellon University (2013 Best Graduate, Top Engineering Schools)
    This school offers an abundance of options in obtaining this degree, most particularly if you are currently working in the field of technology. This degree is earned by taking courses as well as additional research that must be completed. They also offer the opportunity to study in Japan, Chile or even Portugal for internship.

Tuition for a year of on-campus study will run about $21,616, with financing and financial assistance programs available. If you will be living off campus, tuition can run as low as $7664.

  1. Bellevue University (ranked 9th in online university security degee programs)
    To keep it brief, this school, while indeed one of the topmost educators in the cyber security field, is also rated among the top 20 “Preparing Leaders” in college education.

Tuition for this program, for a degree online, the tuition will run $375 per credit hour. In class fees will be $250 per credit hour, making it one of the most affordable schools for this choice of study.

  1. Mississippi State University (Ranked #12 as Top Engineering School)
    This program’s focus is professional and organizational leaders in this subject. If you are already engaging in the IT management aspect of this career choice, you have unique advantages by choosing to attend Mississippi State University.

As a full time student residing on campus, tuition will run from $3336 for Mississippi residents to $8430 if you are not a resident of Mississippi.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    This college’s course is absolutely one of the forerunners in the cyber security field. With numerous courses which train at certain levels, they range in requirements and tuitions.

Please email Dr. Nicolas Cristin at the following URL: http://www.ini.cmu.edu/degrees/kobe_msit-is/.

  1. Syracuse University
    Offering one of the most prestigious security degree programs available, this college has numerous scholarship programs that they offer, as well as being able to achieve your degree online. This is an excellent educator to choose to study with.

This program is offered either on campus or online, with tuition varying depending on the level of credits needed to complete the degree.

Consult http://insct.syr.edu/academicprograms/cybersecurityonlinecourse/ to get the most information on tuition.

  1. Oklahoma State University
    The focus of this universities cyber security program centers on information assurance, above all other topics. It is the utmost priority at Oklahoma State University to not only educate but to teach the integrity needed to stand in, and maintain, a position of such responsibility.

The tuition at this university is $20,787 if residing on campus, and of course less, if off campus.

Look for OSU at http://oklahoma.stateuniversity.com/.

Our list of the most inexpensive, yet most effective colleges for security degrees are as follows, from most affordable to most expensive:

  • 1. University of Maryland University College
  • 2. Champlain College
  • 3. University of Southern California
  • 4. Iowa State University
  • 5. Carnegie Mellon University
  • 6. Bellevue University
  • 7. Mississippi State University
  • 8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • 9. Syracuse University
  • 10. Oklahoma State University

You will find that the above state universities focus on providing the finest education for the best, most affordable tuition prices offered in education today. All of the above award winning colleges are held in the utmost regard by student and faculty alike as being the best facilities for education, as well as offering the best prices, and tuition assistance options available. We encourage you to do further research into the options which we have shared with you, and feel free to visit their websites, or even call, with any questions or even assistance with tuition and enrollments. We encourage you in all of your endeavors, and long to see you become successful in this, the prosperous field of your choice.

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