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Security Guard Career Center LOGO-smallCongratulations on beginning your career in the security field, or for seeking the information you need to progress in your career in the security field.

The Security Guard Career Center, is not just for the beginner security guard, it is also a resource for people looking to progress on to security sergeant, security manager, or security director.

There are a lot of different resources available for security guards to gather career information from out there; so much of it is scattered around various websites, so much is mixed in with bad information, or worse is offered by people who don’t have experience in the field personally. Here at the Security Guard Career Center, we strive to bring you the best information, as well as to provide you with the resources to begin or advance your career.

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Security guard training, certifications, and licensing varies from state to state, so check out the requirements for unarmed security guards in your state below.

Unarmed Security Guard requirements by State

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Unarmed Security Guards


Security Guard Job Description

Job Summary
Employee conducts regular patrols and inspections of buildings and facilities to identify and report damage and potential security risks. Work involves identifying items requiring repair, investigating items reported by other sources, and performing or referring repairs as appropriate. Work also involves ensuring that buildings are secure and that unauthorized personnel are prevented from accessing restricted areas.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

• Patrol organization grounds to identify security risks, and ensure buildings, unoccupied rooms, external doors, car parks and security systems are safe and secured.
• Provide advice to staff and clients on security and safety issues.
• Attend all responses to alarms, medical emergencies, fires and other similar matters, evacuating premises and contacting appropriate emergency services if required.
• Provide protection to self and others including administration of First Aid as required.
• Undertake escort duties for staff and visitors (including contractors).
• Monitor organization visitors to ensure safety and access in accordance with organization policies and procedures.
• Liaise with external organizations including emergency services regarding security and safety issues.
• Provide a high level of client service
• Operate and maintain a range of security equipment including two-way radios.

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